My Sisters Hot Friend – Jazmine Jarako

Last updated: October 17th 2016
We are back with another insane gallery this time starring my sisters hot friend gorgeous Jazmine Jarako. She was visiting her friend when she found her sexy brother Chris moving in. One of the reasons Chris moved in was because his sister has lots of smoking hot friends. Although he tried several times he didn’t score with any of them, until now and he is hoping for some action. So let’s see what happened next.

Luckily, the day he moves in our hot babe Jazmine was around and offered to help him out with the moving. When Chris saw her smoking hot body he just couldn’t way to make his move and try to bang her. His luck was that Jakmine had a little crush over him for a while know. So when they finished she started taking off her clothes and his cock and got right to business. She got on her knees and shoved in her filthy mouth and started to suck it until she got cum all over her pretty face. Then she took it up her holes starting with her eager pussy and finishing with her bubbly ass. Check out the video to see how this insane mysistershotfriend scene ended. Enjoy it and see you next time. Bye bye!

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My Sisters Hot Friend Lizz Tayler

My sisters hot friend Lizz Tayler is back with a video for you lucky guys. She just couldn’t wait to share this scene with you lucky guys. Bill was finishing his workout and after taking a shower he decided to watch some tv to relax. But they didn’t have cable so he went to his sisters hot friend Lizz to watch. Lizz was more then pleased when she saw ripped Bill at her door step, so she asked him to come in. After chatting for a while Lizz started complaining that she has a flat tire and she doesn’t have a boyfriend to help her out.

Bill offers to help her out, of course, like a true gentleman and when he was finished he got a very special reward. Lizz was waiting for him ready to get her pussy stuffed by his hard monster cock. So Lizz spread her legs wide open, exposing her juicy pussy and grabbed Bill’s big dick and shoved in her eager pussy and started riding it like crazy. But that wasn’t enough for her so she took up her bubbly ass as well. Enjoy it and see you next time with a new mysistershotfriend update!

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My Sisters BFF Mischa Brooks

“I just couldn’t wait to bang my sisters hot friend Mischa!” told us Jordan the other day and he finally got what he wanted. He caught Mischa splashing in the hot tub topless and as he was watching her big tits  bounce back and forth in the water he just couldn’t resist it anymore and went to talk to her. He took some flowers and told her about his little crush he had for her since the beginning.  She was so flattered by Jordan’s sweet gesture so she gave him a little kiss.

But that little kiss ended up in a big, wet blowjob and of course an even bigger load of nasty jizz that Mischa got all over her smoking hot body. But that wasn’t all, this is only the beginning. Mischa then continued by ripping off Jordan’s cloths, spread her legs wide open grabbed his cock and showed in her eager pussy and started riding it like crazy. But when it was over she wanted more so she decided to stretch her tight butthole as well. What can I say, this was Jordan’s Lucky day so don’t miss his insane mysistershotfriend fuck scene!


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Holly Taylor and Johnny

Holly Taylor is back on my sisters hot friend with an insane scene just for you lucky guys. She was watching her best’s friends dog for a few days. So one day when she took him outside and the little pooch ran away and now she just can’t find him anymore. Holly ended up calling her friend’s brother Johnny to help her out by making him an offer he just can’t refuse.

Holly tells him that she’ll sleep with him, if he takes the blame for loosing Rover, their family dog. Johnny just can’t resist Holly’s delicious curves, big tits and her juicy pussy that he always wanted to fuck, so he accepts the offer. And that’s how Holly ended up in Johnny’s room taking his hard cock in her every hole and in her filthy mouth as well. She just can’t stop sucking his hard cock until she gets creamy loads of cum all over her pretty face and big tits. Check out the entire gallery to see  smoking hot Holly receiving an insane facial from our guy Johnny. Enjoy it and see you next time with more hardcore fucking and sloppy blowjob scenes on MySistersHotFriend!


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My Sisters Hot Friend – Faye Reagan

Faye Reagan is our guest star for today’s update at my sisters hot friend. She was at her friend’s place doing their exercise when they ran out of drinks and food. So she went to the store leaving our smoking hot gal Faye all alone at her place. Faye continued stretching when she saw her friend’s brother Ryan entering the room. Ryan was more then happy when he saw a sexy redhead with impressive knockers splaying out on their floor in all kind of positions.

After knowing each other and taking for a bit, they decide to have some before dinner sex Ryan offer to show her a few of his favorite positions, doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and show her how she could really stretch out. Faye didn’t know how to react but before you know it, Ryan started undressing her and jumping right to business. He spread her legs wide open and shoved his hard cock in her eager holes showing her what a real stretching really means. So you don’t want to miss this insane scene. Enjoy it and see you next time with more hardcore scene with you favorite porn stars getting roughly fucked!


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Alliyah Sky and James

It’s Alliyah Sky’s turn to be here at my sisters hot friend with her hardcore scene. Alliyah was visiting her friend and her place, just fooling around and wasting time. Lately she spread a lot of time at her friend’s place because she kinda had a crush for her older brother James. So today was her lucky day, she found him home trying to do his laundry so this was the perfect opportunity for a blind date. James knew that she had a crush for him so he played along.

So when she entered in the room saying that she has do her laundry too, James had no problem and let her use the washing machine. But our smoking hot Alliyah knew what she had to do, and when James turned around, he saw her taking off her cloths and putting them in the machine. That was all he needed, he closed the door and jumped right to business. He grabbed, spread her legs wide open and shoved his rock hard cock and shoved it in her juicy pussy stretching it to the limits. So they ended up sucking and fucking all over the place. So check out this insane mysistershotfriend gallery and see you next time. Enjoy it!


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My Sisters Hot Friend Porn Scene

Riley Reid is back with an incredible my sisters hot friend porn scene with our stud Billy. Riley was in the city taking her traffic school lessons when she bumped into Billy. They are old friend, but with Riley moving all the time they never have a chance to stay and catch up. So when she saw him, she was to happy and couldn’t wait to got for a cup of coffee to talk. After grabbing a bit to eat Riley left Billy at his place, but Billy started flirting with her and she responded so Billy asks her to give him a list to school every day. Riley said she would do him the favor, but with one condition.

She asked him to shove his big dick daily in her tight little pussy and fuck her until she cums. Billy didn’t knew how to react to this offer. They’ve known each other for so long that it was a bit weird for him. But after take a look at her smoking hot body, he was more then pleased to accept her offer. So there they were at Billy’s place sucking and fucking all over the place like crazy. So you don’t want to miss the next insane scene from , to see things ended. Enjoy watching this couple fucking like in czech amateurs movies! For many more exciting scenes, check out Naughty America’s official Twitter page, to be updated all the time with the latest news!




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My Sisters Hot Friend Alexis Monroe

The new my sisters hot friend update is back and this time they brought you smoking hot Alexis Monroe. You all know her right, smoking hot blonde, with delicious curves and a eager pussy? I knew you know her! So our gal Alexis was visiting her friend to do a project for one of their classes. But after a few hours they were out of beer and chips so Kris went out to buy some more. While she went to buy them, Alexis got stuck with her brother Kris in their house and he had an interesting offer for her.

He loves busty babes and he bets her friend Alexis Monroe $100 that her would fuck her before his sister returned for the store. Alexis feels weird about the bet because she knows Kris for so long but she didn’t had to much time to think about it, because Kris already started to warm her out. And before you know it Alexis’ tits are out and she is on her knees sucking Kris’ monster cock.  But that wasn’t enough so she took it in her every hole, starting with her eager pussy and finishing with bubbly ass. Can she win $100? Find out the answer and check out the entire gallery and see her get a face full of cum out of this risky business! Enjoy it!


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Anna Foxxx and Johnny

It was Ana Foxxx’s turn to be here with an insane my sisters hot friend gallery. She went to her friend’s place, Susan searching for her like crazy after they insane night of drinking and partying. When she arrived there Susan’s brother Johnny answered the door and told her that his sister was safe in her room, after their crazy night, sleeping. But Ana desperately wanted to talk to her and she wasn’t answering her phone, so Johnny, our good guy offered to hear her out.

Anna was extremely mad about her cheating-ass boyfriend. Johnny as a good that he is listened to her problems and gave her the comfort that she needed, his monster hard cock in her juicy pussy. Ana was more than pleased, wanting to get back at her cheating ass ex boyfriend. So she didn’t have any problem taking that fat cock in her every hole in every corner of that house. She begun with her juicy pussy, but that wasn’t enough for her so she grabbed the hard cock and shoved it in her butthole as well, stretching it to the limits. Don’t miss this insane gallery and see Ana Foxxx in hardcore mysistershotfriend action!


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My Sisters Hot Friend – Jayden Lee

Jayden Lee is our guest star in this my sisters hot friend update and she brought us an incredible fuck scene. She was incited to her friend’s place for a school project, but they ended up cooking and fooling around in the kitchen. After they finish with it all she ended up extremely dirty so she went upstairs to take a shower, but she didn’t expect any visitors. When Seth got home, he didn’t thought to ask his sister if anyone was in the bath, so he went right up and opened the bathroom door without knocking.

And when the door opened there she was, my sisters hot friend Jayden taking a shower, showing all of hers delicious curves. Seth has some experience, because he fucked his dad’s girlfriend a few days ago. At first he was a bit embarrassed but he was a gentleman and shields his eyes and asked her for a towel. But things changes when she told him that she knows about his crush for her. He dropped the towel and the fun begun. They made that bathroom so dirty with all their sucking and fucking all over and out sexy Jayden’s ass needed to bathe again. So don’t miss it this insane gallery with smoking hot Jayden Lee and horny Seth! Also you might join the site and see some cock hungry ladies getting fucked in public places!


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